Tips for Holiday Babywearing

It’s that time of year – Turkey, egg nog, crisp mornings, family, friends, Black Friday, festivus poles, holiday lights, food, presents, and trying to #doallthethings while still successfully wrangling your little ones. Babywearing can make getting through the Holidaze easier and here are a few extra tips to help things along.

Babywearing helps you be hands-free! This means it’s:
-easier to hold that plate at a holiday party

Photo on 11-19-15 at 11.14 AM
-two hands for grabbing cookies
-free hands for grocery shopping, carrying bags, or miscellaneous winter weather schleping.

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-hands free kitchen prep


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-hand free for hugging friends and family


Even penguins need hugs.

-easy navigation through the airport with less risk of your wee one running away

-helps keep strangers from coming up and petting your adorable wearees.

And here are a few pro-tips/babywearing caveats to be aware of as well. Just because we are hands free doesn’t mean we can not pay attention to common sense:

-Hands free means double fisting! Yes, you have free hands for coffee, tea, cider, wine, beer, martinis… but keep good sense in mind. Keep hot drinks away from curious little hands and be careful that you could spill. Spill-proof insulated beverage mugs are a great alternative. Not only will your drink stay warm, but you won’t worry about spilling.

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Likewise, glass + babies = bad.

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There are some fantastic plastic and stainless steel wine and beer glasses that make great alternatives. And, of course, imbibe responsibly.

Photo on 11-19-15 at 11.10 AM #3

-Hands free means decorating – with caution. Babywearing and ladders are a big no-no. Also be aware of slippery or icy conditions while outside. Similarly if decorating with something that is dangerous for baby – glass ornaments, mistletoe, Dwali lights, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa candles – be sure to keep all breakable, flammable, poisonous, and chokeable decorations out of baby’s reach.

-Hands free can help you get ready in the kitchen, but mindful of not doing things you wouldn’t do while holding your baby. For example, kitchen prep with baby on your back? Great idea! Cooking on the stove or reaching into the oven? It’s a burn risk, so put baby down or ask for help.


Remember, babywearing lets up keep kiddos close, but it also lets our friends and family hold on to them for a while. That means you can also wrap them in love on someone else and use your handsfree/babyfree holiday time for yourself: whether it’s to hang the star on your tree, fry your latkes, or take a shower or use the bathroom in peace and quiet (please tell me I’m not the only one….).

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Happy Holidays,
Peace, love and babywearing,