Quick and Dirty Poppins Tutorial

Title says it all. Poppin’s Hip carry is our carry of the month and it’s been quite the challenge. To help, I threw together this quick photo tutorial in between dinner and bedtime for both kiddos. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.

My first try with Poppin’s was an epic fail:

Photo on 7-21-13 at 4.23 PM

Ok, there’s basically no seat, the knot is in the wrong place, the vertical pass is drawn all the way across my body and my left breast is popping out. Don’t worry, we were so uncomfortable we didn’t last more than the time it took to take the picture.

Since then, I’ve had a lot of practice and have found these tips:

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.19 PMStart with one tail going over one shoulder (my left) to about mid-thigh/knee. We are going to call this the “vertical pass” and the other tail spread across your back and under the opposite arm (my right). I will refer to this as the “horizontal pass” or “chest pass”.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.19 PM #2Take the vertical pass and pass it under your arm, behind your back, and pin it between your legs/knees. Keep it nice and snug, you want it to be pinned in place.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.19 PM #4Bring the horizontal pass – the tail that is under your arm – across your torso to the opposite shoulder.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.20 PMBring the loose tail under your bunched vertical pass as shown. Keep it nice and spread, and make this pass pretty snug. It’s easier to tighten here than after you add the baby.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.21 PM #2Slide baby into the horizontal pass running across your torso and make a seat. you will have the baby in the center pass, the bunched pass still pinned behind you, and should be able to hold the rest of the wrap in one hand. In the pic, the wrap is spread well over the baby from shoulders to seat and then bunched into my right hand.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.21 PMDo any additional strand by strand tightening you need to do to make this snug. Your next step is going to be to pass that tail back over the baby. Make sure you keep the vertical pass where it is. You want the spread tail to pass over it, not pull it sideways to allow for some nipple peek-a-boo.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.21 PM #3Keeping everything taut and WITH THE HORIZONTAL PASS STILL BUNCHED, flip the horizontal pass around the vertical pass and back over the baby’s bum. It’s hard to see but the bunched horizontal pass is between my two hands across the baby’s bum. When you do this, be sure to keep the vertical pass where it is, don’t let it get pulled across your torso by the horizontal pass.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.22 PMTake the bunched pass and go either a) over the baby’s opposite leg, or b) under the baby’s opposite leg if you have a leg straightener (just know that doing this may pull the carry down a tad), and around your back. Tie your tails together into a double knot.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.22 PM #2Here’s an example of how I tighten that darn knot.

Now, time for adjusting!


Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.22 PM #3Grab your top rail where the horizontal pass passes over the vertical pass and pull it up.


Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.23 PM

Take the bunched pass that went over your baby’s bottom and spread it up to their shoulders and down under their seat. It should be pretty snug at this point.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.23 PM #4If you need to, feed slack through the carry. Say what? If your top rail is loose and unsupportive, take your hand by the horizontal pass (my left hand), pull the top rail by the baby (on the first pass that went over the baby), pull any slack under the vertical pass, feed it back over the baby’s back (my left hand is feeding slack to my right hand), feed it back out the tail and around your back. You will probably find you have a few extra inches of slack you can work out and will need to retie your knot.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.23 PM #2Tada!

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.23 PM #3You can spread the shoulder for more support.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 6.32 PM

And this is how it looks with my epic leaner.

Peace, love, and babywearing,