It Isn’t Only About Being Hands Free….

One of our members, Amber, recently borrowed a Beco Toddler carrier fromĀ our library and has this to share about using it with her son, Moses:

“Moses was re1982044_10153407618668656_730819807841163055_ncently on an antibiotic and developed serum sickness. He is covered in hives and his joints are swollen so he is unable to walk or use his hands. We don’t have a toddler size carrier so we were thrilled to find out the library had one we could check out. Being able to carry Moses in a toddler carrier is helping him be comfortable and us to care for him. This carrier and BWI are lifesavers for our family during this hard time.”

Most of us feel like we couldn’t get by without babywearing in just our day-to-day lives. However, there’s other times when babywearing feels like it is the only thing holding us together; getting us through the hardest and most challenging times in our lives.

Is there a time when babywearing helped you in a way you did not expect?