Mei Tai Videos

This page wouldn’t be possible without the generous permission of Rachel Boarman over at Babywearing International of Southern Maryland. Thank you Rachel for your contributions to babywearers everywhere and sharing the babywearing love!


Mei Tai with a Newborn (including how to cinch the seat)
Mei Tai Front Carry
Mei Tai Back Carry – Hip Scoot
Mei Tai Back Carry – Superman Toss
Mei Tai Back Carry While Pregnant
Mei Tai with Strap Variations

This video shows two different ways to use a mei tai with a newborn with a focus on getting a well supported, safe carry. First, it shows how to roll the base of the mei tai and cinch the seat to get a good fit for a newborn legs out (even with a mei tai that is too big). Then, it shows how to do a legs in carry where baby is well supported with their weight resting on their bum (and not their feet). Legs in starts around the 4 minute mark.

This video shows how to do a front carry in a mei tai and includes some different variations for tying the straps over baby including a lexi twist, cross passes, X on the back, and spread cross passes. It also includes some tips for getting the shoulder comfortable and getting a snug secure carry.

This video shows how to use a hip scoot to get your baby on your back with a mei tai. This is a great method for a wiggly baby or if you are new to back carries. This video also shows a few options for tying the straps around the baby (cross passes, lexi twist, spread cross passes, etc).

This video shows how to use a superman toss to secure a squirmy baby to your back with a mei tai. It also shows how to tie tibetan and how to get baby down from a back carry safely.

This video shows how to do a mei tai back carry while pregnant. It includes four ways to tie the waist belt (above the belly, below the belly, bellow the belly at the side, and tying tibetan). The carrier used in this video is a Zanytoes Mei Tai, but the methods shown work with any mei tai. If babywearing when pregnant, remember to always listen to your body. If something is uncomfortable, try a different carry or carrier or even take a break from babywearing for a while.

This video shows several options for strap variations for a back carry with a mei tai including a sternum strap, half knot, lexi twist, tibetan tie variations as well as variations during pregnancy.