About Our Chapter

13325692_10154931871417222_5770642845090427750_nOur Mission:

Babywearing International Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support.  Our chapter’s mission is to spread the love
of babywearing throughout the Denver Metro area through education, accessibility, and community.

Our Volunteers:

BWI is a 100% volunteer run organization.  The success of our chapter is thanks to these volunteers, and the future depends on them.  If you want more meetings, more events, more library access, or more babywearing outreach, consider joining us  Every meeting requires at least four volunteers, a (free) venue with enough space for members to interact with the carriers comfortably, and a decent amount of time planning and promoting the event.  The more hands we have, the more we can do!

Monthly Meetings:

Our meetings are free and open to the all caregivers, led by Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs), Advanced Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.17.14 PMBabywearing Educators (ABEs) and Master Babywearing Educators (MBEs) who have had their skills assessed and accredited by BWI. We also have VBEs in training and volunteer administrative support helping at our meetings. We thank all our volunteers for all their support! In addition, our group also has a lending library used for in meeting instruction.  If you choose to become a member you can check out (yes, check out and take home!) one carrier a month.

As a new attendee, caregivers often wonder what to expect when attending a meeting for the first.  Depending on location and the VBE leading the meeting there will be some variations, but generally this is how meetings flow-

Set up usually can only start about 5-10 minutes before the stated start time, so it may still be happening when you show up.  Someone will direct you how and where to sign in.  Then make yourself comfortable- you are always encouraged to do what you need to do to make your baby happy.  Our meetings are a safe place to feed your baby in the way you feel comfortable.  We do ask that snacks for older children aren’t brought into meetings, or that if you absolutely must bring a snack, avoid high allergens like dairy and nuts, or step out for a moment while your child eats.

As soon as the library volunteer is set up they can begin taking check ins and (if there aren’t too many check ins) they can start signing up new members.  You HAVE to be a member to check out a carrier, and we only do memberships during the first half of the meeting, so do that either right when you arrive or after the demo if at all possible.

As soon as they are ready, the VBE’s will do introductions, make any announcements, and then do a demo.  It could be anything from a quick overview of ALL carriers to a more in depth demonstration of a single carrier or carry.  We try to keep it short, though, so we can move on to the reason you are here, which takes up the bulk of the meeting…
After demos the available VBE’s (and remember, only VBE’s can help you with a carrier, so even if it seems like there
are volunteers who aren’t “helping” they are helping by doing admin, greeting, or any of the other tasks we need) will spread out to cover most of the carrier types, and you can ask them questions or try on any of the present library carriers.  This is the meat of the meeting, and it can get crazy sometimes.  Be patient with us!  There are a limited number of VBE’s available and we want to help each and every one of you.

Check outs do not happen until the last 30 minutes of the meeting.  We want to keep all carriers available for caregivers to try on for the bulk of the meeting.  If you want something in particular, see the library volunteer and they will put you on a first come first served priority list.

You don’t have to come for the entire meeting- unless you have a check in (which should be done in the first 30 minutes of the meeting), come when you can, leave when you need to.

And that is a meeting!

Questions or comments?  Email us at denver@babywearinginternational.org.